Filecamp v4 release notes

Right now this page is only about the gigantic Filecamp v4 update we are rolling out in these days and weeks. Stay up to date with the process on this page.

Welcome to

January 16, 2019

Whew! We have been working on this update for the last 2 years. And we are looking very much forward to show you all the new features and refinements! Over the next 2-3 months all accounts will be updated and migrated to the new platform.

Now what happens next:

  1. We are now working on the scripts can help us convert and migrate all our Filecamp customers’ data, inclusive all files, users, settings, etc. to the new platform. This task will take a month or two. After that, we’ll start converting our customers live sites. We expect to have all live sites updated before May 1, 2019.
  2. All Filecamp customers (Account Owners) will receive an email one week before their account is scheduled to be updated.
  3. When we start the update process your account will be unreachable for a few hours, (which is why we are doing this in the weekends, where most of our customers account has less traffic and visits).
  4. When your account has been successfully updated, we’ll send your Administrators an email confirmation.

What you should do:

Nothing, really. Well, if you have absolutely nothing else to do you can read more about the update in the new v4 Knowledge Base.



This FAQ contains answers for some of the frequently asked questions about the new Filecamp (v4).

To be clear, this new Filecamp is a whole new product. It looks different. It behaves differently. It has some new features. We didn’t just rebuild the old Filecamp using a new technology so we could improve your Filecamp experience more rapidly (although this is true). We completely redesigned the product in support of our long term effort to deliver more value to you, in different ways. For 90% of our customers all files, folders, users, settings, and themes are migrated to the new platform without any issues. But when releasing such a large update, some modifications on your side might be necessary. And we are here to help!